About Astrid

In 2008 when the crisis hit and people were leaving Dubai, I arrived in this amazing city with an 18-month contract. Twelve years later, still here and well settled with my family, I finally decided to do what had always been my dream!

As a French qualified civil engineer, after studying in Paris and Brisbane, I first worked for a construction company before joining a contracting company in the event industry. I spent 8 years building the most amazing temporary venues and decors for various events always ensuring the client was well looked after and happy. Each project was unique with incredible challenges, high expectations and crazy deadlines.

While delivering exceptional but always temporary projects, my passion has always been renovation. Taking over an old, underwhelming space, knocking down walls, re-organizing the layout, choosing materials and re-building to transform it into a new beautiful home. Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed the design part of a project as much as being on site managing and motivating the teams, controlling the quality of their work and finding solutions whenever facing a challenging situation. After renovating three of my own apartments I decided to put all my energy into doing the same for others.

So here I am… wanting to use everything I have learnt over the last 15 years to accompany you throughout your own project with passion. 

About Hammer & Feather

For many people, Dubai is first meant to be just a stop over and eventually becomes home. So why wait to maybe one day go back to your country to settle down and live in your own dream house?

In a world where we spend more and more time at home working, chilling, cooking, playing, entertaining, it is more than ever important to love where we live. We want a place where we feel cosy and happy, a place where we can enjoy precious family time and welcome friends. We want to look around, love what we see and feel at home.

Living in a unique space that reflects you and is different from all your neighbour’s can be difficult to imagine in Dubai but it is possible and I created Hammer & Feather to help you make it happen. If you are struggling to imagine how you can transform an old Dubai villa or apartment into a new beautiful place, if you don’t want to deal directly with contractors and you don’t have time to manage this personal project, leave it with me! I will be your unique point of contact and will coordinate everything for you from the first design idea up to the last tile or even the last frame on the wall if this is what you need. I will be with you throughout the journey and make it smoother until you are ready to move in your new home…